Up on the block is our very beautiful and fully restored 1970 Cuda. This car is an original Lime Green car with the build sheet. It is powered by a completely rebuilt 440 with a brand new Six Pack setup. This car is similar in many ways to our previous Lime Green Cuda which we sold back in January. Due to the fact that so many people were disappointed in not being able to purchase our previous Lime Green Cuda, well we thought we would try and offer one similar. So here it is..

Mechanical: The motor in this car is a 1970's 440 which has less then ten miles on it. It was professionally rebuilt and runs out with zero problems. It has a 292/509 Cam and sounds tremendous. It does not smoke, leak, or burn up an excess amount of oil. The Six Pack setup was just installed less then a week ago and is brand new, fresh out of the box. The motor is backed by a fully rebuilt 727 transmission which also has less then ten miles on it. The car has power steering and drum brakes all the way around. The exhaust is a dual Flowmaster setup and sounds surreal. You can just feel the ground tremble as it soars on by. All of the electrical components have been gone through and much of it replaced. Everything is in excellent working order, from the horn to the dash lights, everything is in excellent working order. The car as you can see has a very mean look to it which stimulates from the wheel setup. It has 20's on the back and 17's on the front. The rear end has also been redone and is geared at 3:23.

Body: The body on this car was extremely solid to begin with. So as you can imagine not a whole lot of body work was needed when the restoration began. The body has been sand blasted and is completely rust free. The only major repair work that was needed was within the quarters. As you will see in the restoration photos located below, both of the quarters have been replaced and line up perfectly. The paint on the car was done over the past two weeks and is the original color scheme for this car (per the build sheet). All of the body work and paint work was done professionally and is of top quality. All of the glass is in excellent shape as is the trim around the entire car. Both the front and back bumper are brand new and shine up perfectly. They were just installed last week and fresh out of the box. The floor pans and trunk are original and are completely solid. The entire underside of the car is just as nice as the exterior and is completely rust free. Unfortunately, the day that I took the photos, the front valance had not been installed. It is now installed and is brand new.

Interior: The interior has also been completely redone. The headliner was just installed less then a week ago and the seats were done the day that I took these photos which was Monday the 19th. The dash is original and is in excellent shape as is the center console. The instrument cluster is also in excellent shape and needs nothing. The day I took these photos the interior was being finished up. Since then the entire interior has been detailed and looks flawless.

Here is a chance to own a very beautiful and extremely mean 1970 Cuda with documentation. All of the work has been done and it is ready to enjoy. Don't waste your time kicking around half restored rust boxes when you have the perfect chance to own a fully restored beast that is of top quality. Just check out some of our other cars and you will see just how in depth we are when it comes to restoring these timeless pieces. If you feel this is the car of your dreams then do not hesitate to call me and I will do my best to accommodate all of your needs. I encourage anyone who is interested to come and check this awesome piece of machinery out in person. As always do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.


Shawn 816.308.0351

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Shawn 816.308.0351






If you like what you see and would like to see this beautiful classic in your garage, let us help! The buy now price is $49,000 or best offer. Contact us now and we can add a “Buy-It-Now to the auction just for you or send you a bill of sale. Fraud protection and terms are detailed below.


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