Not only is it a true Dick Landy built Challenger but it is one of only two that were ever built by Dick Landy and sold to the public. It gets better, this is also a true "R" code, Hemi 426, 4 Speed, Dana Track Pack, B5 Blue, Blue interior, RT Challenger! One of 137 four speed cars built in 1970 and one of one built with these exact options. As it sits today is how you will see it below. With all of its original Landy components, unmolested, and ready to be restored. You will also find a tremendous amount of documentation as well as correspondence between Mr. Landy and the previous owner, discussing the possibility of rebuilding this very car from 2005. You will also find documentation on a full inspection provided by Galen Govier along with the original buildsheet, fender tag, several articles that featured this car, receipts from Landy Industries in regards to the build, and many other items. I have uploaded and published quite a bit of information so please allow it time to load.

     The story behind this car is that Clarence (the original owner) had Dick Landy build this Challenger in to a ten second car which is exactly what he did. Once the car was completed, Dick Landy brought the Challenger to Clarence in Hawaii, Landy took it down the track, through him the keys and flew back to California. So Dick Landy not only built the car but has also driven it. It is truly a remarkable piece that will make a one of a kind automobile once completed. We have discussed in great length as to what we should do and so now we are leaving this decision up to the public.

    Most cars usually have their story behind them but this one, this one not only has its story but it has two very unique investment opportunities behind it. Do you restore it back to Dick Landy specifications or do you restore it back to its original state? I think what most of us would like to see is this car brought back to its original condition after Landy built it. True Hemi Four Speed Challengers do in fact command a great return on your investment but a one of one Dick Landy built ten second car, I mean it seems like a no brainer as to where this car needs to go but we believe it would be best handled by someone who can truly invest the time and love that is needed for a car of this caliber.

     Now, where we are at today. From what we have been told by the previous owner, Dick Landys brother has discussed the possibility of redoing the engine within this Challenger. He and Dick Landy had both built it so it only seems logical for them to handle it. There is also talk from a couple of writers wanting to do pieces on this car should the car be taken back to Landy Industries. This Challenger has already received international attention but if it were redone by Landy Industries, well I can't imagine the buzz that it is going to create. I do have this Challenger for sale/trade locally and reserve the right to end the auction early should it sell prior to the auction ending. If you're interested, I encourage you to please call. Once a price is agreed upon I can then have it added to the auction.   

Body: The body as you can see will need to be gone through. The front frame rails are solid. The rear frame rails have been beaten on and are rusting in areas. They were beaten on to make wider clearance for the rear tires. From what I understand, that was typical of most drag racers from that era. The front floor pans appear to be fairly solid with some areas that will need corrected. I personally would just go ahead and replace them. The rear floor pans will in fact need replaced. The doors seems to be fairly solid as you will notice in the photos located below. The quarters also are fairly decent and could be repaired. The front clip was designed by Landy Industries and is all fiberglass. The fenders and hood. The fenders are in excellent shape. The hood has some chips and will need some repair. The grill as you will notice was swapped by Dick Landy to replicate that of a 71. The top side of the firewall does match the car as does the core support. Unfortunately, there is only three and part of a fourth digit still visible on the back side of the core support as it was cut up to reduce weight. The trunk within the Challenger is in fair shape but will also need some attention. The rear sill panel will need replaced.

Engine & Mechanical: The 426 within this Challenger is an unstamped 70 warranty block that has been bored to 460. Everything that has been done to this motor was done so by Dick Landy. It still retains all of the original Dick Landy technology. This is just a brief over view of everything that was done which I pulled from the articles and the previous owner who purchased the car directly from Clarence (the original owner). Located below, you will find articles which break it down in far more detail.

I unfortunately did not obtain photos of the heads or intake but I will get them and have them published as soon as possible. They will be going with the Challenger.  

interior: The interior as you will see still consists of all the original Dick Landy components. The fiberglass buckets and a complete fiberglass dash. You will also notice the B & M shifter as well as the roll cage. All of which is in good shape and could easily be restored. The door panels as you will notice will need to be replaced as will the headliner.

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 2 Door Hardtop (Hemi 426)

  Average Retail Value High Retail
Base Price $144,400 $258,600
4 Speed Transmission 10% 10%
TOTAL PRICE $158,840 $284,460

     Located below you will find a full report from GTS (Galen Govier) documenting this car. He notes that the VIN ID is correct but has been put back in to place with incorrect rivets which is due to the dash being replaced with a fiberglass dash. He also notes within his paperwork that there were only 137 four speed Hemi Challengers built in 1970 and with the options that this Challenger originally came with, which makes it one of one per his registry. So not only is it a Dick Landy built Challenger but it is a one of one car built with these options.

     This is an excellent opportunity for any Mopar enthusiast to pick up the only Challenger of its kind. Not every day can you find an investment vehicle that has not one but two extremely valuable investment points. It is also the only Hemi E Body you will find that is priced under a hundred thousand dollars. Finished, Galen himself has stated that this car could ring in around the 250k mark. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to please call or email to schedule a time to come check it out. I would also like to add that I am usually on the phone from 7 AM until about 12 AM so you are always welcome to call and if I do not answer, just leave a message and I will return your call immediately. I know from my own experience with purchasing cars online, most of the time it is very difficult to get someone on the phone and to obtain the information you need. So I try to always stay on top of emails and phone calls. I will also assist anyone with shipping. I have shipped many cars all over the globe and I am fairly familiar with the whole process so please, do not hesitate to ask any questions. If you're interested in getting this car to your door step prior to Christmas with a nice big bow on top, I can have that arranged. I also have a clear title for this Plymouth. As always, good luck and happy bidding!


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