If you're interested in owning this Impala, please call Shawn at 816.308.0351.

     What we have is a fully restored 1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible. This car has been owned by the same owner since 1969. Ron (the current owner) actually purchased this car from his cousin (the original owner) back in 1969. The Impala set for the better part of three decades covered in a barn until finally Ron was able to take her completely apart and begin the restoration. Located below you will find many photos of the car how you will see it today. Every single nut and bolt was taken off of this car. It is 100% original as everything had to be completely refurbished. The only item on this car that is not original is the air breather but it is correct. I can assure most anyone that you will not find a more meticulously restored 1958 Impala than this one.

Body: The body on this Impala was completely taken off of the frame. As you will see below, the frame was completely blasted down to bare metal and fully redone. It was etch primed twice, the second time it was primed with a product from Eastwood. This primer is used for priming most of the oil rigs and it is used to prevent salt water damage. It is very heavy duty. The frame was painted not once but twice! The floors, quarters, rockers, trunk, pillars, doors, fenders, rear sill, valance, cowl, all of it is completely solid and rust free. The sheet metal on this Impala is all original and is completely free of rust and bondo. When the Impala was on the rotisserie, it too was primed in the same heavy grade primer that was used on the frame. The Impala as you will see was repainted back to its factory original color. It was done professionally and shines out beautifully. There are no cracks, blemishes, runs, or issues through out the paint. All of the weather stripping is new and in great shape. The doors actually shut and close just like they did the day it rolled off of the assembly line. The chrome through out the Impala has also been completely gone through. All of the trim, both bumpers, it is all in excellent condition. All of it is free of dings, blemishes, and tarnish. It all shines out beautifully. The glass through out the Impala is also in excellent condition with no major pitting, cracks, or scratches. The vinyl top on this Impala is brand new and is also in excellent condition. It too does not have any tears, stains, or major blemishes. As you will notice, the frame for the convertible top was also completely gone through. The engine bay as you will see was also done back to factory specifications. We do have a correct battery but it was charging the day we took the photos. It will be going with the Impala when it sells. The only negative thing I can really say about this Impala are the cob webs that have compiled underneath the underside of this Impala. The underside does need a good detailing. The intake could also use a repaint as it does have a couple of small chips.

Engine & Mechanical: The 348 in this Impala was also completely gone through and redone with factory components. The block was bored .60 over. It does not smoke, leak, or burn an excess amount of fluids. It has only seen approximately 1,400 miles on it since being completed. The Tri-Power setup was also redone using only factory correct components. It is fine tuned and works perfectly. The manual transmission was also completely gone through and does not leak or burn an excess amount of fluid. It too only has seen about 1,400 miles on it since being rebuilt. The power steering setup was also gone through and it too does not leak or make any odd noises when being used. The motor for the convertible top is also original and was actually in good working order. It was just simply cleaned up and works perfectly.

Interior: The interior as you will notice was completely redone back to factory specifications. The Impala still retains its original AM radio and as you will notice in the video below, it is in excellent working order as are all of the speakers. Everything electronically was gone through on this Impala and is in good working order. Even the clock works! The seats both front and back were completely redone. The carpet is brand new. The door panels are brand new. The interior on this Impala is in excellent condition.

     I would also like to add that I currently have very nice turn key 1955 Belair Convertible on eBay as well. You are welcome to view it by clicking here.

    This is the perfect opportunity to get in to one of the most collectible automobiles on the planet with out having to spend in the six digits. Of all the collectible automobiles, these first generation Impalas are still consistently on the rise. So if you are looking for a safe investment, then this is the car for you. I can tell you from my own experience, you couldn't come close to building this car for what we are asking. I will gladly listen to all reasonable offers and should the right one come along then I will in fact sell the car early as we do have it for sale "locally". Once a price is agreed upon, I can then add it to the auction through the "Buy It Now" option. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to please call or email to schedule a time to come check it out. I would also like to add that I am usually on the phone from 7 AM until about 12 AM so you are always welcome to call and if I do not answer, just leave a message and I will return your call immediately. I know from my own experience with purchasing cars online, most of the time it is very difficult to get someone on the phone and to obtain the information you need. So I try to always stay on top of emails and phone calls. We do have a clear title for this Impala. The highest bidder will be offered first rights to this car when the auction ends whether it meets reserve or not. As always, good luck and happy bidding!


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This is a photo of the frame when it was completely gone through, blasted, and painted twice!

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