The one & only 1934 Ford "Rocketeer"

     This story begins over a half a century ago in 1955, when a Farmer from Clinton Missouri decided to stick something away for his Grandson. His goal was simple, to insure that his Grandson would have something to help him along his journey as he traveled in to adulthood. So the Grandfather took his beloved 1934 Ford and locked it away in a small barn that was once used to house chickens. Unfortunately, the Grandson never took an interest in the Ford so she set, locked away in captivity for the better part of its existence.

This is the Barn/building.

     As you will see within the photos, the Grandfather was methodical in his approach. He hung the wheels & tires on the wall and placed the Ford on Sawhorses. Keeping it off the ground as well as out of the elements, really preserved the body.




     Within the last five years, the 34 has been through a very costly frame off restoration. Over 100k was spent during the course of the restoration. Here are just a few photos from that process:



Today, this is how you will find her!



This is the piece as well as center fold that was published in Gears And Gals. Enjoy!




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