This Corvette under went a very lengthy as well as costly restoration back in 2011 - 2013. The entire car was completely tore down and gone through. The drive train, the suspension, interior, body, paint, chrome, stainless, everything was gone through. The finishing work of the car was clearly done by someone who knows their way around around these C2's. The fit and finish work are absolutely superb. The one area of this Corvette, which I still have a hard time understanding, is the body and paint work. Every C1, C2, & C3 that GM ever produced, came from the factory practically waving at you. Whoever did the body and paint work on this car were beyond meticulous. It truly has a mirror finish to it (please refer to photos and video located below). I've never seen a C2 with as nice of a body and paint. I personally would have been devastated when they handed me the bill. The rear frame rails appear to be completely original and solid. I don't believe they have ever been through any kind of repair work. I believe this Vet has spent the bulk of its life, tucked away indoors.

     The motor and transmission were completely gone through. It is powered by a 327 and a Muncie four speed. Both of which operate exceptionally well. The motor does not leak, smoke, or burn an excess amount of fluid. It is quite powerful but is not extreme. It still runs on regular premium pump gas. The four speed shifts smoothly through all of its gears with out any hesitation. The dual exhaust setup sound surreal. The steering setup works exceptionally well. It does not have a lot of play and still feels like it did the day it came off of the factory. It is not a sloppy mess. The brake setup is all new on the Vet and it works very well. It does not squeal, shake, or shimmy when stopping.

     The interior of the Corvette has been completely redone. The instrument panel appears to be all new as does the carpet and door panels. The seats I believe were redone in real leather. They also did an excellent job in this regard.

     Now the negative aspects which in my opinion are not detrimental. The convertible top. It appears to have been replaced but it is a bit wrinkled as it is rarely put up. It does not have any holes. The gas gauge does not work and the odometer is not registering mileage. They are both new but are not functioning.

     Please feel free to share this listing with anyone you know. Who knows, it could very well be someone's dream car. I do have a clean & clear title (no liens, non salvage, etc.) for the Corvette.




NADA Collector Car Guide (Values)

Base Price $48,400 $81,100 $90,900  
327/300 HP V8 Engine 5% 5% 5%  
4 Speed Transmission $575 $750 $950  
Corvette Leather Interior $1,000 $3,000 $5,000  
TOTAL PRICE: $52,395 $88,905 $101,395  







Sure, it isn't an L88 or a 1966 / 1967 427/435 Vet.